What is CARA

Client And Research Assistant abbreviated as “CARA” is a multifaceted virtual assistance service by Care Clinique LLC in addition to its suite of patient recruitment service.

Our aim is to alleviate the bottleneck of research organization’s daily operations and provide supplementary support wherever necessary, all the while saving on costs by hiring an offshore virtual assistant.

What sets CARA apart is her vast experience in clinical research. Having recruited over 20,000 patients, CARA surely knows how to get the job done, be it administratively, finance, or marketing.

Pricing & Services | $15/ hr

We believe simplicity can solve many complex problems.  We understand that costs can mean a lot for research organizations who constantly deal with sponsors and where ROI should make sense.

Our simple and moderate pricing structure of $15/ hour gets you the suite of services below. No hidden costs, no onboarding fees.
Warm Transfer (Email, SMS, Phone)
Pre and Post processing of patient leads. Scheduling of patients, communicating with them on behalf of your site.
Medical Transcription
Digitizing your paperworks.
Office and Administrative Support
Phone and Email support, calendar scheduling, booking meetings, liaising with other companies, etc.
Bookkeeping and Accounting Support
Quickbooks certified experts to help you with your daily bookkeeping and accounting needs.
Data Mining & Data Entry
Complex data processing or mining to help you structure your data more presentably for processing or reporting.
Sales & Marketing Support
Highly trained sales and marketing support that have landed Care Clinique its own sales.
For a minimum subscription of 20 hours a week per service, CARA can quickly turn things around.

We understand that every business has its own systems and tools. You can onboard CARA into your system free of charge for 8 hours which may be stretched out into 3 working days.
Onboarding CARA
You will be provided a dedicated virtual assistant at your designated hours of the day with the tools you set in place for the virtual assistant.

Should you have problems with any of our virtual assistant, we will happily replace them for you at no additional costs, and no onboarding fee.

To know more about your selection process and detailed onboarding of CARA’s services, please contact your account manager.
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Contact Information
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