Why These Patient Recruitment Companies are Dominating?

Why Does Patient Recruitment Have To Be So Hard?

Any medical researcher knows that patient recruitment is one of the hardest, if not the hardest part of a clinical trial research. It’s finding patients who are eligible and willing to go through clinical trials that take a lot of time.

And while patient recruitment has come a long way from the traditional word of mouth and refer-a-friend model, it still has a long way to go. Luckily for us, we live in the age of digitalization and patient recruitment hasn’t been the same since.

Like applying for a job, patient recruitment is all about matching patients with a firm’s strengths. It’s a matter of finding recruiters that specializes in addressing the needs of the different patients. Here are a few notable patient recruitment firms and their secrets to success!


Not too far from their name, this organization take their facts seriously. It’s their love for nitpicking and very detailed processes that separate them from other patient recruitment firms. Trialfacts does their thorough due diligence (for free, by the way!) before letting you decide whether or not you want to work with them. The process of their due diligence will require you to provide them with crucial information such as trial documents, eligibility criteria, consent forms, and other documents necessary for patients and/or volunteers. From this information, they can tell you how many patients you can expect from them within your given timeframe. You can count on their word or your money back – 100%.

After they’ve done due diligence, you are free to decide whether you want to continue working with them or not.

If you do decide to move forward with your partnership with Trialfacts, they’ll create recruitment materials for you from advertising materials to pre-screening questionnaires and even audio research interviews. From here they will prepare a landing page for your study complemented with online collaterals necessary. Once these collaterals are up, they’ll go ahead and recruit the number of patients they promised you with, ensuring you of the quality of them by reviewing the participants and securing more if necessary until they deliver their promised number to you.

A steady flow of participants, guaranteed.


Strategic solution is the name of the game for MMG. In the 30 years they’ve been working in this industry, they were able to penetrate through at least 70 countries. That kind of reach makes their access far wider than most patient recruitment firms. Not only do they have a deep patient list but their reach also gives them diverse experiences under their belt which allows for a greater bandwidth for pressure. No wonder they’re so good at what they do.

MMG’s strength lies not just in patient recruitment but they also work as a consultant for their clients. With that much experience, they have more than enough credibility to assess and solve the pain points of their clients. MMG helps CROs identify the blockers on their current recruitment models and help them craft a better recruitment strategy.

Breakthrough patient recruitment

Care Clinique

What do you get when digital marketers cross to the patient recruitment industry? A team of creatives who know their way around the world wide web like nobody else! That’s what Care Clinique has over anyone else in the business. With over 20 years of combined experience, Care Clinique knows exactly what to do with your digital footprints and how to optimize hundreds of thousands of user data to get to the patients you need to reach. Having an edge in marketing, they are able to craft sustainable models that work specifically for their clients. Those are custom-made recruitment models perfectly fitting for their clients’ needs. Talk about home court advantage!

Aside from their digital marketing asset, Care Clinique’s services come with a PRM or a patient recruitment manager that lets you organize, track, and nurture your patients through your pipelines and charts. They know that time is of the essence which is why, you almost immediately will be able to create your landing page for your online campaigns. And if you get confused or want to speak with someone – they have a hotline ready to address your queries anytime!


If digital innovation was a fast moving train, StudyKIK is riding front and center. Modeled from startups like Airbnb and Trivago that highlight search capacity, StudyKIK is a site for both patients and researchers. It lets you search for clinical trials and patients around you. If you’re a patient looking for clinical trials, just go to StudyKIK’s site and input your postal code, radius of distance you’re willing to travel, and indication. These information will help StudyKIK filter out the clinical trials closest to you.

If you’re working with a clinical trial, on the other hand, you can have your study listed in StudyKIK. This way, your study will be found by patients looking for clinical trials around your area. Just log in to StudyKIK’s site, input your name, company name, let them know whether you’re a sponsor, a CRO, a research site, or part of the media, then leave a contact number they can coordinate with you through.

Instantly search for a clinical trial.


The advertising world just merged with patient recruitment! Coming from an advertising background, Praxis holds insight to a high regard. It’s the gap between what is and what should be that allows them to be that bridge – and creatively!

Their experience lets them bridge their clients to 80% of patients already looking for solutions and clinical trials online. With this insight, they optimize their skill in launching, managing, and analyzing online campaigns to get to the patients their clients need for their study.


We’ve seen how companies have been optimizing the internet to get the results they want and TrialX is definitely not last to make that jump. We’ve heard from digital marketers to advertisers – and now getting in on tech, that’s what TrialX has over everyone else.

To recruit patients most companies help in creating linked landing pages, but TrialX creates mobile apps for their clients without having to worry about coding it. Think of it as your very own blog specifically for the clinical trial you’re conducting. TrialX simplifies tech by giving their clients a 30-day trial period and a guide that will walk you through how to put your app together.

Once you’ve followed the steps, your app goes live and you can start the search for your patients!

So whether you prefer to work with a firm that leverages with due diligence or one that gives you fast results thanks to artificial intelligence – know that we’re all rallying for the same cause. We’re all in this together!

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