What You Should Look For In A Patient Recruitment Company?

Why Does Patient Recruitment Have To Be So Hard?

Wrong decisions can be “charged to experience”.. ‘Til they cost you $2.6 billion.

That’s at least how much it costs to get marketing approval for a new prescription drug – and the amount at risk when you choose the wrong patient recruitment company.

Enrollment timelines and conversions have never been *this* crucial!

As for any agreement, know what you want out of the partnership. What are your limitations, timelines, preferred processes? It’s important that you set KPIs (key performance indicators) of what you expect your patient recruiters to deliver. And once that’s set, look out for these 5 things before signing above the dotted lines.

Know their history

Doing a background check is always a good idea! When you look through a recruiter’s history, you see whether or not your study is within their niche. As much as possible, you’d want to work with a recruiter whose area of expertise is aligned with what you need. Their history says a lot about their success in their previous partnerships. As any relationship, work with someone you can trust. In this case, trust is built on experience which can only be ensured by a good track record.

Type of service

Choosing a recruiter will also depend on what type of service they offer. Some recruiters are known for upholding the traditional referral method, some are best at recruiting online, while others are partnered with support organizations. These services have their own pros and cons but it’s also a matter of what your study needs.


Any knowledgeable closer knows how important “insight” is. Every deck presented to you will try to sweep you off your feet with amazing stats on their previous accomplishments. But you’ll be surprised at how little will put YOUR NEEDS in the core of their pitch. Work with a recruiter who understands exactly what you need from them and shows you how they’re going to get it done. When recruiters do their homework, they consult you for your needs and expectations. They look into the behavior of the patients you’re looking for. Where they can be found, what they’re doing, and how they can be reached. The more they know about the patients you need, the easier it will be to target them.

Depth of plan

What do you do when Plan A doesn’t work? If you partnered with a recruiter that you can trust, best believe they’ve anticipated all the possible roadblocks and have your contingency plans mapped out. They know how important sticking to the timeline is. Their experience in this industry allows them to foresee barriers that might slow them down and figure out a workaround to make sure they deliver on their commitment.

Point of contact

What good are all the positive internet reviews for when the patient recruitment company can’t be reached when you need them? Absolutely nothing.

“Communication is key” becomes 100 times more important when there’s so much at stake. A big chunk of relationship building whether personal or professional falls in the hands of communication. When you seal a deal with a patient recruiter make sure you have a reliable point of contact. Coordinating with many people from your patient recruiter’s side is an unnecessary burden. When you have a changing contact person, they have to look through your files, assess it, then ask for your concern every time you call – that’s a lot of time lost.

Work with a recruiter that assigns you a reliable contact person. In the event that s/he can’t accommodate your query they’ll be sure to have a reliever who’s already in the loop and updated with your progress. That way when you ask for an update – they’ll get straight to it!

At the end of the day, it’s all about alignment. Find yourself a patient recruitment company that shares similar values. Work with a recruiter that is on your side and won’t let you down!

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