Changing The Game Of Patient Recruitment As Told By These Startups

Why Does Patient Recruitment Have To Be So Hard?

2 people die every second. That’s a lot of lives lost in a day, let alone a year!

True that these deaths are caused by a multitude of reasons, but there are also a lot that could have been prevented if only we had cures for them. The whole world is on the same team of wanting to find cures for illnesses that have been taking lives. The best doctors, researchers, and CROs have been pooling in their time, energy, and resources to find these much needed drugs through clinical trials.

The industry of clinical trials have been growing each year. To this day, there are about 280,000 active clinical trials all over the world! That’s a lot of effort into finding those cures. Unfortunately, getting a drug approved and getting to the market is a long and strenuous procedure. So strenuous that less than 1 out of 10 drugs on clinical trial actually make it to the market!

The good news is, with technology and modern advancements on our side, we’ve been seeing more and more people thinking outside the box. We’ve been finding ways around the roadblocks of clinical trials – the biggest block being patient recruitment. We may not have all the answers today, but we sure have been putting in a lot of work to craft better processes, solutions, and retention for patient recruitment.

Let’s get to know 4 startups that have come up with creative solutions to make clinical trials more viable.

Clinical Trial Connect

If clinical trials count on referrals as their main way of finding quality patients, why not take it to the next level? Clinical Trial Connect understands the importance of quality patients and relationship building with their audience. These are the values they are not willing to compromise, which is probably why a lot of communities trust them. Being a community-based organization, Clinical Trial Connect has existing partnerships with various foundations that support with patients who deal with certain conditions. This way, if any of the patients come forward wanting to join a study, they know exactly where to direct that patient to. The same way that when CROs tap them to recruit patients for a clinical trial, they know which foundation to tell the clinical trial to.

Clinical Trial Connect works with foundations such as the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation and the National Psoriasis Foundation among the many other foundations on their roster.


PatientWing knows all about online presence. They understand that awareness is just as good as a clinical trial’s accessibility for patients. That’s why their model focuses on creating landing pages for CROs that easy to use! These landing pages are accessible even through mobile and come with embedded forms where patients can simply download all necessary documents to check their eligibility. Having an optimized site empowers patients to come forward and communicate directly to researchers and sponsors who might be trying to reach them.

Care Clinique

Speaking of online presence, another game changer in the patient recruitment industry is Care Clinique. Being primarily marketers gives them insight of how often people are online, what they do there, and how they can be reached. This insight allows them to optimize websites and social media platforms to get to potential quality patients. The people CROs are looking for are likely also looking for them, it’s just a matter of knowing how to connect both parties and that’s what Care Clinique is good at doing.

By looking through digital footprints, Care Clinique is able to specifically target the patients looking for clinical trials and give them access to the information and connections they need to match with the CROs they’re looking for.

Deep 6 AI

Though artificial intelligence has been raising doubtful eyebrows here and there, we can’t discount the fact that it’s also been making processes quicker and smoother for many industries – patient recruitment included. Deep 6 AI helps researchers find high quality patients in less time. Their AI is trained to analyze both structured and unstructured clinical data. Yes, including your doctor’s scribbly notes on every medical report! With the help of their AI’s natural language processing, Deep 6 AI is able to extract new clinical data points that help them find patients that better match the clinical trials’ criteria.

Because of this advancement, rummaging through medical records, symptoms, diagnosis, genomics, and even lifestyle data can now be done quicker and more accurately! Going through all that information then lets them find patients who are a perfect fit for clinical trials.

What is usually done by a whole team can now done by 1. What usually takes weeks, is now done in a fragment of that time. The faster investigators find the information they need, the quicker they get to reach those patients and the quicker the clinical trial process can go

Whether it’s expediting the process of identifying.

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