Care Clinique: The Patient Recruiter Made Just For You

Why Does Patient Recruitment Have To Be So Hard?

Patient recruitment just got easier thanks to Care Clinique. Care Clinique understands the importance of having a simple and easy to navigate user experience whilst keeping the functions that recruiters need. Care Clinique designed its portal in a way that, the only skills you’ll need are the skills you already have – social media, email, and project management app navigation.

Care Clinique helps patient recruiters organize their patient files, communicate with their patients, and even track the progress of their recruitment, among others. Here are 3 reasons why Care Clinique is the patient recruitment tool made just for you!

Your Patient Recruitment Manager tool is customizable

When you work with Care Clinique, you’ll get your own “PRM” or patient recruitment managerYour PRM is an in-app tool that lets you check on your data with ease. You can decide how you want to structure your PRM. All your patients get their own patient cards where you can input their medical history – yes, Care Clinique is HIPAA approved! From here it’ll be easy for you to filter the patients you want to see based on the information on their patient cards. As for your pipeline, all you have to do is decide a header per category and drag the patient card from one category to the next depending on their status on the recruitment. Care Clinique understand that we have different preferences when it comes to organization, which is why it makes sure to allow its partners to craft their PRMs to their preferences.

Your messaging app is so easy to use

Communication is such a big factor in building trust with patients being recruited, which is why Care Clinique created a messaging tool that’s simple and straightforward. It’s designed like the inbox of your email, where you can see previous conversations, compose new messages, and respond to ongoing threads. It also comes with a chat box that pops up when the message comes in real time.

There may be many things that can get in the way of you and your goal, but we’re not going to be one of them.

Your reporting tool is off the charts!

*pun intended* 

Care Clinique knows a study is just as good as its metrics. Tangible information, that’s what we’re all after! Care Clinique comes with a reporting tool that lets you generate your own reports. You no longer have to collect and consolidate your own data manually, your PRM will be on top of it. It’s easier to understand information when they’re visualized and that’s exactly what Care Clinique does. Whether it’s your conversions, success rates, or whatever data you need to report – Care Clinique will generate and visualize it for you. Choose the graph that suits your liking! You’ll never have to cram your report ever again, Care Clinique will keep track for you.

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