all new client portal - reinventing patient recruitment.

We look forward to the day that life saving clinical trials are within the reach of patients with a click of a button. We aim to bridge the gap of research centers finding  patients and vice versa on a global scale. We will move forward relentlessly for a healthier society where everyone is equally cared for.  

Patient Recruitment Manager (PRM)

Manage your patients more easily into various pipelines and track drug trials seamlessly. Our comprehensive PRM has tools such as SMS, Email, patient cards and more.
Organize, Track, and Nurture
Care Clinique Web App is designed to provide an exceptional user experience to research teams and patients.

Self-Service Landing Page Builder

Immediately launch your campaign within 10 minutes. Time is essential when running campaigns and launching a campaign is just as important to make sure you receive sufficient patient leads for your drug trials.
Prescreen, recruit, and avoid delays
Improve your recruitment protocols, avoid costly delays in your studies, educate volunteers and increase your retention rates with our landing pages. Care Clinique aims to provide quality patient leads to your clinical trials.

Data Automation

Patients can manage their key data points and medical staff can evaluate the data that's important to their department or project (reports, charts and data analytics).
Intuitive, easy and successful
Allow your patients to find their own path to manage their data via an intuitive and engaging dashboard.

About Care Clinique

We built Care Clinique for research centers to streamline their patient acquisition process - allowing them to focus on more significant responsibilities.
Our Team
With our combined 20 years of experience in healthcare and online marketing, we assembled a seamless system that provides research centers with patient leads for a fraction of the cost normally spent for acquiring patients.

Get Pre-Screened Patient Leads for your Clinical Trials

We have a proven system that connects you with quality patients who search the internet about health conditions.